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From the Mouth of Vesuvio Comes the Hottest Pizza in Town

Vesuvio’s Pizzeria brings several centuries of food heritage to the Burlington, NC area.

Our Heritage

In the late 19th Century, Naples, Italy resident Raffaele Esposito baked a pizza especially for the visiting Italian king and queen. The pizza was very patriotic in that it resembled the Italian flag with colors of Green (Basil), White (Mozzarella) and Red (Tomatoes). The Queen loved the pizza so much that it was named after her: Pizza Margherita. This pizza set the standard by which today’s pizza has evolved and spread to Northern Italy and beyond. It also firmly established Naples as the pizza capital of the world.

In the beginning, pizza was sold from open-air stands and street vendors. Then around 1830 the world’s first true pizzeria opened in Naples, and still serves customers to this day.

Eventually pizza found its way to America with Italian immigrants who began to open their own bakeries featuring sales of groceries and pizza. At the conclusion of WWII, pizza went mainstream, creating a nationwide demand for the new dish.

The world’s most authentic pizza is Pizza Napoletana. This variation maintains its status through the quality of local products that make up its recipe including herbs, garlic and tomatoes all grown in the volcanic ash of Mt. Vesuvio. This active volcano overlooks the city of Naples and Monte di Procida.

About Us

Giovanni Palumbo, owner of Vesuvio’s Pizzeria, grew up at the foot of the volcano and observed its natural beauty every day. Giovanni has resided in the United States for more than seven years and has brought his culinary magic to various pizzerias. He decided to open his own pizzeria with the help of his family, which is a cross-section of old world and new.

His mother, father, and wife, Erica Faircloth Palumbo, all contribute to the restaurant. His parents still reside in Italy while his wife is a native of Burlington.

To honor the majesty of Mt. Vesuvio, he named his business Vesuvio’s Pizzeria and opened the doors for the first time on December 4, 2001.

We hope that you enjoy your meal with the family!

We offer carry-out orders for large groups!

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